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Karaoke Professional 1.2.37

Karaoke Professional 1.2.37

Will enable you to use your computer to smoothly run your karaoke shows anytime, anywhere.

Siglos Karaoke Professional is a show hosting software for karaoke hosts (KJ). Get the control of your karaoke show! Siglos Karaoke Professional will make your shows better and easier to run. For example, this application will allow you to play karaoke files from your hard drive or directly from CD+G discs, includes a built-in song database, and can automatically manage singer rotation.

Here is how Siglos Karaoke Professional can help you with running your karaoke show:
· Use you computer to run your karaoke show. Stop carrying hundreds of discs, risking their damage and loss.
· Two-screen display with preview window will make running your shows a pleasure, and advanced display features will make lyrics look better
· Powerful song database allows to find any song in a matter of seconds
· Automatic singer rotation management keeps singers queue in order; you may add new song requests while singers are on stage
· Singer announcement will save you from ''Who is next'' questions, and time guide will allow to answer ''When will I sing?'' questions without thinking about it
· Singer history will save you from typing songs for regulars, and venue filter helps when running shows in various places
· Song silence detector automatically removes silence from the beginning and the end of the CD+G song, allowing you to squeeze more songs in the show
· Use Key changer to change the key of the song when adding request or when singer is already singing
· Have your show run in Automatic mode if you are unable to operate the computer
· Play CD+G discs -- if a singer brings his own CD+G disc, just place it in the queue and insert when prompted -- the show will go on.
· You do not have to start other players when nobody is singing. Fill-in playlist kicks in automatically when the song is stopped and fades away when its time for next performance
· If you cannot see the singer''s display, use Preview window to see what singer sees

Here are some key features of "Siglos Karaoke Professional":

· Advanced karaoke player
Siglos uses high-quality karaoke player engine that allows to replace solid background with images.

· Support for various karaoke formats
Allows to play various karaoke formats, including MP3+G, ZIP, BIN, MIDI Karaoke (MID and KAR), KMA.
Also supports video formats (AVI and MPEG).

· External screen support

If your computer supports dual display (most laptop computers do), the program window is displayed on your laptop screen, and the karaoke lyrics on the external TV screen. You may work with the program while lyrics are being displayed.

· Song database
Siglos Karaoke Professional has a powerful database build-in. It will scan your hard disc, index karaoke songs, and then will provide you with search interface to find songs in a matter of seconds.

· Singer rotation management
To run the show in fair way you need to make sure that one person does not sing more often than the other. To do this Siglos places the singer in the queue, and first play one song for each singer before allowing the second round. The order of the singers is displayed in the list on the left of the rotation window.

· Singer announcements
When a singer is about to sing, Siglos displays an introduction screen that shows the name of the singer and chosen song.
It also displays a fully customizable scrolling reminder during the performance with the name of the next singer.

· Song silence detector
Many karaoke songs have silence at the beginning and at the end (used usually to display CD+G maker''s logo). Siglos automatically skips these silent parts, so you can play more songs.

· Singer history
Siglos keeps singer names and songs they sung in the database. So if you have regulars on your shows, adding their requests is a matter of several mouse clicks

· Key changer
High-quality key changer allows you to adjust the pitch of the song to better suit the singer. Even better, Siglos remembers which singer uses which key modification.

· Fill-in Playlist
Songs placed in the fill-in playlist are played when nobody is singing. You no longer have to switch to CD player or play MP3 using other software -- Siglos will do this automatically, fading the music in and out when necessary.

· Preview window
If singers'' screen is placed in a position that you cannot see it, you can use Preview window to monitor the lyrics.

· Venue manager
Siglos allows to tag the singers by the venue name. If you are running shows in various places it allows you to filter the singers and songs.

· Automatic mode

If for some reason you have to leave the show for couple of minutes, Siglos allows to put the show on autopilot. It will display singer announcement for defined amount of time, and then will start the song.

· Time information

Rotation list displays when the singer will sing the next time. This information is constantly updated.

· Playlist view

If rotation view does not give you all the information you need, or if you are used to work with list of songs rather than the list of singers, you may switch to playlist view.

· Promo message

You may add your message to the scrolling reminder -- it may be used to promote your next show, or display other informations.

· CD+G disc playback

If a singer asks you to play a song from his CD+G disc, simply select Add CD+G disc track, choose the number of the track, and you will be prompted to insert the disc at the appropriate time.
Siglos does not copy the songs from customer''s discs to the hard disk, as it is illegal.

· Export song list
You may export the songs from the database to CSV or XML file, and then use it to create a songbook.
You may use a dedicated songbook software, or use a spreadsheed program (like free Calc from OpenOffice) to create the songbook yourself.



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